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[翻译]Technology Report - The Latest Technology Products from CES 2014

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From VOA Learning English, this is the Technology Report.


You could find all the latest technology products at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show took place in early January. It was a major event for technology lovers and product manufacturers alike.


Thousands of people travelled to Las Vegas for the show. Many businesses were showing products with curved displays, the rounded edges were on everything, from televisions to mobile phones.


Sony, Samsung, and LG all displayed curved ultra-high definition televisions, some models as big as 279 centimeters.


Bridget Carey is with CNET, an electronics website.

布里奇特·凯里(Bridget Carey)就职于CNET,这是一家电子产品网站。

"You can buy a curved TV, but if you can't decide if you want it flat or not, you can choose a flexible one. Curved is supposed to be a more immersive experience when it surrounds you. But maybe not everyone wants curved all the time," said Bridget Carey.


Another hot idea was wearable technology.


Sony, Intel, and others demonstrated smart watches that interact wirelessly with your telephone. Samsung's Galaxy Gear watch can connect with an automobile - the BMW i3 electric car.

索尼、英特尔和其它公司展示了可以和电话无线交互的智能手表。三星的Galaxy Gear手表可以和宝马的i3电动汽车连接。

Bridget Carey says a smart watch is a good idea.


"It has apps now that can give you a quick glance at the sports score with an ESPN app. You can see who texted you, what calls you missed," she said.


Self-driving shuttles and solar cars were also on display at the 2014 show. Car maker Renault demonstrated an electric race car, that trick excite automobile fans worldwide.


Audi was showing a self-driving A7. Last year, the technology needed for their driver-less A7 took up the whole rear end of the car. This year, the computer is about the size of an Apple iPad.


Another company called Induct showed off its self-piloted shuttle, called the Navia. The vehicle is 100 percent electric.


Ford Motors made news with its solar powered car - the C-MAX Solar Energi. Ford's Dave McCreadie says the trick is the vehicle's solar canopy.

福特汽车公司以其太阳能汽车C-MAX Solar Energi引爆热点。福特公司的戴夫·麦克格雷迪(Dave McCreadie)表示,其关键之处是这辆车的太阳能顶棚。

"It boosts the power of the solar panels by essentially magnifying the sun. So it takes a larger square footprint area of the sun and concentrates down onto the solar panels. The purpose of this is to enable the customer to recharge their vehicle off the grid," he said.


Three dimensional printers at the show produced more complex, high-quality designs than other 3D printers on the market. And the price of 3D printers is falling. Some cost less than $500.


One company, 3D Systems has created something new: 3D-printed food. ChefJet and ChefJetPro use melted sugar to create sweet creations. The sugary 3D printers are expected to cost between $5,000 and $10,000 when they go on sale.

一家名为3D Systems的公司创造出了新事物,即三维打印食物。ChefJet和ChefJetPro使用融化的糖制作创意糖果。预计这款三维糖类打印机上市销售时的价格将介于5千到1万美元之间。

And that is the Technology Report from VOA Learning English. I'm June Simms.