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[翻译]Technology Report - NYC Pursues Biotech Dream

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From VOA Learning English, this is the Technology Report.


New York City and the State of New York are investing hundreds of millions of dollars to become a major player in the development of high tech industries. They have developed 40 workspaces known as incubators to assist start-up businesses.


Harlem Biospace is an incubator for biomedical engineering. It gives young entrepreneurs a low-cost way to develop their ideas and businesses. For a low monthly payment, they are given desk space and use of a laboratory. The young people pay for their own raw materials.

哈林生物园区(Harlem Biospace)是一个服务于生物医学工程的孵化器。它为青年创业者提供发展创意与企业的低成本途径。只要支付很少的月租,他们就能获得办公空间和实验室的使用。这些年轻人自己支付原材料的费用。

"This is great. The reason is because it is so cheap and it has the wet lab that we need. So, I order chemicals that I need, and I'm given the facilities here to do my experiments," said Tyler Poore.

泰勒·玻尔(Tyler Poore)说,“这太好了。因为它如此便宜,并且有我们需要的湿式实验室。我订购自己需要的化学品,而这里给我提供做实验的设施。”

Tyler Poore and his partner are developing a product that will kill bacteria. It can be put on household goods, like a sponge for cleaning. He and 17 others at Biospace share a common goal to find solutions to biomedical problems.


Edwin Vazquez is investigating the mystery of diseases, such as Alzheimers and Parkinson's. He says suggestions from others in the building make the work environment at Biospace a real plus.

埃德温·巴斯克斯(Edwin Vazquez)正在研究老年痴呆症和帕金森氏等疾病的奥秘。他说,来自这栋楼里其他人的建议使得生物园区的工作环境确实不错。

"There's nothing better than sitting down in a room like this when there is a lot more people around and got something that is exciting and go to the lunchroom and you start talking to your other colleagues. All of a sudden, somebody knows a researcher that is doing something similar to you who can complement your research, you get in contact and things happen," said Vasquez.


Leading hospitals and science centers are supporting innovators like Kate Rochlin, founder of a company called Immunovent. She has developed a brush to test for allergic reactions. The device is placed in the nose or mouth, the test results are correct more often than skin or blood tests.

一流医院和科学中心都支持Immunovent公司创始人凯特·洛克林(Kate Rochlin)这样的创新者。她开发了一种测试过敏反应的毛刷。该装置被放在鼻子或嘴巴上,测试结果比皮肤或血液测试更加准确。

"And from one single sample from the nose or mouth we can test for a whole panel of 72 allergens. And we found that the blood test only identified peanut allergies 50 percent of the time, and we could find it 99 percent of the time. So, we are far more accurate with peanut diagnosis. That's really important because that one in particular is really life-threatening," said Rochlin.


Matthew Owens is the Executive Director of the Harlem Biospace. He says there have been real signs of success since the company was launched last November.

马修·欧文斯(Matthew Owens)是哈林生物园区的执行董事。他说,自去年11月该公司创办以来,这里一直都有成功的确切迹象。

"We do have companies that are already shipping, getting revenue and getting products out to customers. So, I think it's a testament that it's absolutely a success," said Owens.


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