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[翻译字幕]As It Is - Women in Afghanistan Gain More Rights

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Hello and welcome to As It Is. I'm Jonathan Evans in Washington.

欢迎收听美国之音英语学习 As It Is 节目。我是乔纳森·埃文斯(Jonathan Evans)在华盛顿为您报道。

Today on the program, we tell how one Nigerian agency is working to raise the literacy rate among adults in northern Nigeria. But first, we turn to women's rights, jobs and education in Afghanistan.


Security risks are said to be widespread in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar. Yet the number of women working in Kandahar has risen during the past year. Mario Ritter has more.

据称安全隐患在阿富汗南部坎大哈省蔓延。然而去年在坎大哈工作的女性人数却有所上升。马里奥·里特(Mario Ritter)为您带来更多报道。

Women Gain More Rights in Afghanistan


Jawaid Faisal is a spokesman for Kandahar's governor. Mr. Faisal told VOA's Afghan service that the provincial government employs more than 1,150 women, most of them as teachers. That is up from about 900 female teachers last year.

吉瓦德·费萨尔(Jawaid Faisal)是坎大哈省省长发言人。费萨尔先生对美国之音阿富汗分部表示,省政府雇佣了超过1150名女性,其中大部分是作为教师。去年大约有900名女教师。

Kandahar is the former power base of the Taliban and its leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar. He disappeared in late 2001 after United States-led forces ousted the Taliban from power.

坎大哈曾经是塔利班及其领导人毛拉·穆罕默德·奥马尔(Mullah Mohammad Omar)的权力基地。奥马尔在2001年美国领导部队推翻塔利班政权后消失。

The Taliban ruled Kandahar from 1994 to 2002. During that period, women were banned from working outside the home. Most girls could not attend school, and no girls graduated. This year, 500 girls will complete high school.


Mohammad Ewaz Nazari is an education official in the province. He said Kandahar has about 47,000 female students. And the numbers are rising. He described an increasing demand for jobs among both educated and uneducated women.

穆罕默德·易瓦·纳扎里(Mohammad Ewaz Nazari)是该省的教育官员。他表示,坎大哈有大约4.7万名女学生,而且该数字还在继续增长。他指出受过教育和没受过教育女性的就业需求都在不断增长。

Mr. Nazari said 600 illiterate women have asked the government to help them find work. He said the provincial government is attempting to find jobs for these women, who cannot read or write.


In addition to government positions such as teachers, women are also working for private businesses. Maryam Durani operates a local radio station. She is also a leading women's rights activist. She won the International Women of Courage Award in 2012, an award given by the American Secretary of State.

除了教师之类的政府职位,女性还在私营企业工作。玛丽亚姆·杜拉尼(Maryam Durani)经营着一家当地电台,她也是一位重要的女权运动人士。2012年她获得了美国国务卿颁发的国际妇女勇气奖。

Maryam Durani said women in Kandahar need more job opportunities. But she also said they must consolidate -- strengthen -- the gains they have already made.


A non-governmental group, the Afghan School Project, has given women year-long scholarships that can lead to careers. The recipients attend programs at the Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies. The Institute offers training in business management, information technology, English and communications.


Some Afghans have expressed concern that the Taliban could regain power now that US troops are moving toward the end of fighting in Afghanistan. And they say the progress of women's rights could be lost if that happens.


I'm Mario Ritter.

我是马里奥·里特(Mario Ritter)。

And I'm Jonathan Evans. You are listening to As It Is.

而我是乔纳森·埃文斯(Jonathan Evans)。您正在收听的是As It Is节目。

Nigeria Promotes Literacy


Nigeria has one of the world's highest rates of people who cannot read or write. But a government agency is taking steps to help more than 400,000 Nigerians in Kano State become literate. Bob Doughty has more.

尼日利亚拥有全球最高的文盲比例,但一家政府机构正在采取措施,帮助卡诺州的40多万人识字。鲍勃·道蒂(Bob Doughty)为您带来更多报道。

The Kano State Agency for Mass Education has set high goals for literacy. The goals may be hard to reach because the adults and young people the agency wants to teach are not attending school.


Minister of State for Education Nyesom Wike reported on the situation last September. The minister said the number of illiterate Nigerian adults has increased by 10 million over the past 20 years. The current total is 35 million. The nation also has more than 10 million children who are not in school.

尼日利亚教育部长尼斯姆·瓦克(Nyesom Wike)去年九月汇报了情况。他表示,过去20年,尼日利亚成人文盲的人数增加了1千万,总数达到3500万。此外该国还有1千多万儿童没有上学。

To improve that situation, Kano's educational agency has joined with "Education for All" -- a project of the United Nations' Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.


Working together, they have launched more than 8,074 adult literacy classes in 44 local government councils. The effort is expected to reach about 403,700 people. Success would mean a 90 percent adult literacy level by 2015.


The agency says it has 16,000 facilitators to teach and train students. The aim is to extend its reach to all the 44 local government councils in the state.


Kano City Women Center is one of many learning centers for young and adult women. It serves 965 students at its school and 145 more women at a vocational or occupational center.


The school teaches English, mathematics, geography, biology, chemistry, economics, and other subjects. At the vocational center, women learn how to knit and sew and make products like soaps and air fresheners.


Halima Aminu is 25 years old and a mother of three children. She once left school because of a lack of financial support. She started attending the Kano City Women Center in 2010. Today, she is in her final year at the senior secondary-school level.

哈利玛·阿米努(Halima Aminu)是一位有着三个孩子的25岁的妈妈。她曾经因为缺乏经济支持而辍学。2010年她开始就读卡诺州都市女性中心。如今是她高中教育的最后一年。

"When I come to school in the morning I will enter my class, when I finish learning - that is, taking lectures- then I will go back home. I have children, I will teach them and help them to do their homework ..." Halima Aminu hopes to continue her education at the next level and someday become a medical doctor. I'm Bob Doughty.


And that's our program for today. Be sure to join us at this same time tomorrow for another As It Is. I'm Jonathan Evans. Thank you for listening.