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[翻译]Education Report - Ebola Forces Sierra Leone Students to Learn by Radio

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Ebola has struck hard in Sierra Leone. More than one million children have been unable to attend school because of the continuing crisis caused by the disease.


But classes are now broadcast on 41 radio stations and the country’s only television station. The educational programs are airing three hours daily, five days a week.


In the country’s capital, Freetown, 17-year-old student Doris Ansumana says radio broadcasts make a big change from her usual days at school. She says life has become boring – not interesting. She misses the social life involved in going to school and seeing other students.

在该国首都弗里敦,17岁学生多丽丝·阿苏曼纳(Doris Ansumana)表示,电台广播和她在学校的日常生活大不相同。她说,日子变得乏味无趣。她想念上学和见到其他同学的这种社会生活。

Still, she says so far she is enjoying the radio lessons. She notes, however, that others do not have the chance to study because they must work.


Her guardian, Yabonett Sesay, also expresses concern about other young students because many are being forced into labor instead of study.

她的监护人塞萨伊(Yabonett Sesay)也对其他学生表示担忧,因为许多人被迫工作无法学习。

Ms. Sesay says some students are selling things because they do not have money. She says she watches Doris carefully to make sure she does her schoolwork.


Doris’s guardian suggests that the government extend broadcasts to night hours. She says everyone stays home at night.


17-year-old Doris Ansumana listening to a radio school program in Freetown, Sierra Leone, October 20, 2014. (N.deVries/VOA).

Brima Michael Turay serves as deputydirector for the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. He says the goal is to have the broadcasts take place from 11 in the morning until five in the afternoon.

布里马·迈克尔· 图瑞(Brima Michael Turay)担任教育和科学技术部的副主任。他说,我们的目标是让广播从早上11点到下午5点持续播出。

He says the ministry worked hard to get teachers’ opinions and advice for the broadcasts. Mr. Turay says 30 have been called to help put together the broadcasts. All are qualified to teach at different levels. Subjects include mathematics, science and English.


Mr. Turay says parents must understand that the ministry cannot continually monitor their children.


“This has to be one of their greatest responsibilities. We can provide the service as a ministry, but if the parents who are at home do not participate, this is going to be a fruitlessendeavor.”


The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists and the Independent Radio Network are directing the broadcasts. Several international partners, including UNICEF, are also working with the ministry.


The broadcasts teach and comfort. They tell children that they are not alone in the Ebola crisis. Mr. Turay says the broadcasts also advise children on how to protect themselves and others.


“Wash your hands. Do this, do that, so you don’t end up losing your life or losing a family member and all of that.”


The Ben Hirsh Intrim Child Center in Kenema, Sierra Leone, is caring for children directly affected by Ebola. They can go to the center after their parents have died.

塞拉里昂凯内马市的Ben Hirsh Intrim儿童中心负责照顾被埃博拉直接感染的儿童。他们在父母死后可以去该中心。

Vandi Pujeh works at the center. He says employees are making sure the children listen to the broadcasts.

Vandi Pujeh就职于该中心。他说,该中心的员工们会确保孩子们收听这些广播节目。

The Education, Science and Technology ministry will continue to present more programs. It has also plans to bring solar-powered radio to areas of Sierra Leone without electricity.


And that’s the VOA Learning English Education Report.

I’m Caty Weaver.

Words in this Story

guardian - n.a person who looks after and is legally responsible for someone unable to manage his or her own life, often a child whose parents have died

deputy- n.an important assistant who helps the person who is the leader of a government, organization, etc.

monitor - v. to watch, observe, listen to, or check (something) for a special purpose over a period of time

fruitless - adj.unsuccessful, failed

comfort - n. a state or situation in which you are relaxed and do not have any physically unpleasant feelings caused by pain, heat, cold, etc.