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【AS IT IS】韩国初创企业扩展到越南 Korean Startups Expand to Vietnam

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South Korean startup companies are planning to use their country's similarities with Vietnam to expand their businesses.



The people of both countries could be called "kindred spirits." In other words, their interests and attitudes are similar. The Vietnamese give high ratings for everything from Korean popular music to Korean TV shows. Marriage between Vietnamese and Korean people is common. And now, both Vietnamese and Korean businesses share a desire to bring manufactured goods into the world of international trade.

两国人民都可以被称为“种种精神”。 换句话说,他们的兴趣和态度是相似的。 越南人对从韩国流行音乐到韩国电视节目的所有节目都给予很高的评价。 越南人和朝鲜人之间的婚姻很普遍。 现在,越南和韩国的企业都有将制成品带入国际贸易世界的愿望。

Large South Korean companies currently control international television and automobile markets. The next growth is in developing nations such as Vietnam. It is growing at 7 percent a year, compared with South Korea's growth rate of 2 percent.

So South Korea is investing a lot of money into startups in Vietnam. Some of the news businesses are in the areas of cosmetics and hotel smartphone apps.

目前,大型韩国公司控制着国际电视和汽车市场。 下一个增长是在越南等发展中国家。 它的年增长率为7%,而韩国的增长率为2%。

因此,韩国正向越南的初创企业投入大量资金。 一些新闻业务涉及化妆品和酒店智能手机应用程序领域。


‘Many Korean manufacturers here'

A Korean logistics startup called 2Luck said it would look for ways to work with industrial companies already in Vietnam.


"There are many Korean manufacturers here," Kim Seungyong said. He is the chief executive officer of 2Luck.

金成龙说:“这里有许多韩国制造商。” 他是2Luck的首席执行官。

His company wants to save time and money by, for example, connecting truck drivers who have brought their goods into an area with those who have goods to be send out.


Approach to education

Other startups are looking at similarities between Vietnam and South Korea. Education is one of the greatest similarities. Korean students and Vietnamese students both spend hours preparing for important tests. Vietnam has the highest international test scores to show for it.

其他初创公司正在寻找越南和韩国之间的相似之处。 教育是最大的相似之一。 韩国学生和越南学生都花数小时准备重要的考试。 越南的国际考试成绩最高。


The education company KEII Platform calls itself South Korea's first "edtech," or education technology, business. Its services include teaching math to students via video and having students record themselves doing math on a smartphone app.

教育公司KEII Platform称其为韩国第一家“ edtech”或教育技术业务。 它的服务包括通过视频向学生教授数学,并让学生在智能手机应用中记录自己做数学的过程。

"We want to be the number one education platform in Vietnam," Peter Lee said in October. He is the chief executive officer of the KEII Platform.

However, they are competing with several other new startups. Vietnamese companies such as Topics, Elsa and Yola are in the edtech market already.

彼得·李(Peter Lee)在十月份表示:“我们希望成为越南第一大教育平台。” 他是KEII平台的首席执行官。

但是,他们正在与其他几家新创业公司竞争。 越南公司,例如Topics,Elsa和Yola已经进入了edtech市场。


Words in This Story:

startup – n.a new technology company

cosmetics – n.a substance (such as a cream, lotion, or powder) that you put on your face or body to improve your appearance

logistics – n.the things that must be done to plan and organize a complicated activity or event that involves many people

efficiency – n.the ability to do something or produce something without wasting materials, time, or energy

platform – n.something that allows someone to tell a large number of people about an idea, product, etc


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