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【美国故事】猪就是猪 Pig is pig

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Our story today is called"Pigs isPigs."It was written by Ellis Parker Butler.Here is Sheper Nille withthe story.Mike Flannery,the agent of the Interurban Express Company,leanedover the desk in the company's office in Westcote and shook his fist.Mr.Morehouse,angry and red,stood on the other side of the desk shaking withfury.The argument had been long and hot.At last Mr.Morehouse had becomespeechless.The cause of the trouble lay on the desk between the two men.Itwas a box with two guinea pigs inside."Do as you like,then!"shouted Flannery."Pay for them and take them.Or don't pay for them andleave them here.Rules are rules,Mr.Morehouse.And Mike Flannery is not goingto break them.""But you stupid idiot!"shouted Mr.Morehouse,madly shaking a thin book beneath the agent's nose."Can't you read ithere–in your own book of transportation rates?'Pets,domestic,Franklin toWestcote,if correctly boxed,twenty-five cents each.'"He threw the bookon the desk."What more do you want?Aren't they pets?Aren't they domestic?Aren't they correctly boxed?What?"

我们今天的故事叫做“猪is Pigs”,是埃利斯·帕克·巴特勒写的。这是舍珀·尼尔的故事。城市间快递公司的代理人迈克·弗兰纳里(Mike Flannery)斜靠在公司位于韦斯特科特的办公室的办公桌上,挥舞着拳头。莫尔豪斯先生气愤地红着脸,站在桌子的另一边,气得发抖。争论一直很激烈。莫豪斯先生终于哑口无言了。麻烦的原因在这两个人之间。里面有两只豚鼠。”那就随你的便吧!”弗兰纳里喊道为他们付钱,然后带走他们。或者不用付钱就把它们留在这里。规则就是规则,莫豪斯先生。迈克·弗兰纳里不会把它们弄坏的。“但你这个愚蠢的白痴!”莫雷豪斯先生喊道,在探员的鼻子底下疯狂地摇着一本薄薄的书。”你不能在这里读一下吗?在你自己的运输费率手册里“宠物,家养的,富兰克林.托斯科特,如果包装正确的话,每只25美分。”他把书扔在桌子上你还想要什么?他们不是宠物吗?他们不在家吗?它们不是正确装箱的吗?什么?”

He turned and walked back and forthrapidly,with a furious look on his face."Pets,"he said."P-E-T-S!Twenty-five cents each.Two times twenty-five is fifty!Can youunderstand that?I offer you fifty cents."Flannery reached for the book.He ran his hand through the pages and stopped at page sixty-four."I don'ttake fifty cents,"he whispered in an unpleasant voice."Here's therule for it:'When the agent be in any doubt about which two rates should becharged on a shipment,he shall charge the larger.The person receiving theshipment may put in a claim for the overcharge.'In this case,Mr.Morehouse,Ibe in doubt.Pets them animals may be.And domestic they may be,but pigs I'msure they do be.And my rule says plain as the nose on your face,'Pigs,Franklin to Westcote,thirty cents each.'"Mr.Morehouse shook his headsavagely."Nonsense!"he shouted."Confounded nonsense,I tellyou!That rule means common pigs,not guinea pigs!""Pigs ispigs,"Flannery said firmly.Mr.Morehouse bit his lip and then flung hisarms out wildly."Very well!"he shouted."You shall hear ofthis!Your president shall hear of this!It is an outrage!I have offered youfifty cents.You refuse it.Keep the pigs until you are ready to take the fiftycents.But,by George,sir,if one hair of those pigs'heads is harmed,I willhave the law on you!"He turned andwalked out,slamming the door.Flannery carefully lifted the box from the deskand put it in a corner.


Mr.Morehouse quickly wrote a letter to the president of the transportation expresscompany.The president answered,informing Mr.Morehouse that all claims forovercharge should be sent to the Claims Department.Mr.Morehouse wrote to theClaims Department.One week later he received an answer.The Claims Departmentsaid it had discussed the matter with the agent at Westcote.The agent said Mr.Morehouse had refused to accept the two guinea pigs shipped to him.Therefore,the department said,Mr.Morehouse had no claim against the company and should writeto its Tariff Department.Mr.Morehouse wrote to the Tariff Department.Hestated his case clearly.The head of the Tariff Department read Mr.Morehouse'sletter."Huh!Guinea pigs,"he said."Probably starved to deathby this time."He wrote to the agent asking why the shipment was held up.He also wanted to know if the guinea pigs were still in good health.Beforeanswering,agent Flannery wanted to make sure his report was up to date.So hewent to the back of the office and looked into the cage.Good Lord!There werenow eight of them!All well and eating like hippopotamuses.He went back to theoffice and explained to the head of the Tariff Department what the rules saidabout pigs.And as for the condition of the guinea pigs,said Flannery,theywere all well.But there were eight of them now,all good eaters.



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