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【科技报道】研究人员使用声音将鱼叫回死珊瑚 Researchers Use Sounds to Call Fish Back to Dead Coral

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A team of scientists says that playing sounds underwater can get fish to return to areas with severely damaged coral reefs.

In an experiment, they found fish returned after hearing recordings of the sounds of a healthy ocean reef.




The international team included scientists from the British universities of Exeter and Bristol, as well as Australia's James Cook University. The research results were reportedin the publication Nature Communications.

The scientists placed underwater speakers in areas where coral had been dyingin Australia's northern Great Barrier Reef. They played the sounds over a period of about a six weeks in 2017 and studied the results. The team reported that twice as many fish arrived in areas where the sounds of healthy coral were played.



The sounds also led to a 50 percent increase in the number of species present in the area, the researchers found. Among the arriving fish were species that feed on all major food sources.

The researchers noted the importance of having many different kinds of fish return to the area. Different species of fish perform many activities that support the ocean environment and sea life. "Damaged reefs have a higher chance of recovery if they have healthy fish populations," the scientists wrote in the report.




Steve Simpson is a professor at the University of Exeter who helped lead the research. He said in a statementthat "healthy coral reefs are remarkably noisy places." They contain the sounds of many kinds of shrimp, fish and other sea creatures. Young fish listen for these sounds when they are looking for a place to settle, Simpson said.

史蒂夫·辛普森(Steve Simpson)是埃克塞特大学(University of Exeter)的教授,他协助领导了这项研究。他在一份声明中说,“健康的珊瑚礁非常吵闹。”它们包含许多虾,鱼和其他海洋生物的声音。辛普森说,幼鱼在寻找栖息地时会听到这些声音。


He added that reefs "become ghostly quiet" when they suffer destruction that is usually related to human-caused pollution. Coral damagecan cause unappealing smells and sounds that drive shrimp and fish away. But the experiment suggested that the use of underwater loudspeakers was an effective way to get young fish to come back.

Mark Meekan is a fish biologist with the Australian Institute of Marine Science. He said in a statement that the return of these fish is the first step to seeing major improvements in reef health. "Recovery is underpinned by fish that clean the reef and create space for corals to regrow," he said.

马克·米肯(Mark Meekan)是澳大利亚海洋科学研究所的鱼类生物学家。他在一份声明中说,将这些鱼归还是看到珊瑚礁健康得到重大改善的第一步。他说:“鱼类的恢复为清洁珊瑚礁创造了空间,并为珊瑚的繁殖提供了空间。”

蒂姆·戈登(Tim Gordon)是埃克塞特大学研究小组的另一位成员。他说,他相信声音可以用来将死海的珊瑚带回世界各地遭受严重破坏的地区。

Tim Gordon was another member of the research team from the University of Exeter. He says he believes sound can be used to bring back dead coral in areas suffering major destruction in oceans across the world.

"Boosting fish populations in this way could help to kick-start natural recovery processes, counteracting the damage we're seeing on many coral reefs around the world," Gordon said.


University of Bristol professor Andy Radford said the underwater sounds are a promising way to fight coral reef damageat the local community level. But he noted that other threats need to be reduced as well. These include climate change, pollution and overfishing.


布里斯托大学的教授安迪·拉德福德(Andy Radford)说,水下声音是在当地社区对抗珊瑚礁破坏的一种有前途的方法。但是他指出,其他威胁也需要减少。其中包括气候变化,污染和过度捕捞。

Gordon added, "From local management innovations to international political action, we need meaningful progress at all levels to paint a better future for reefs worldwide."



Words in This Story:

coral reef – n.underwater structures made up of stony corals

species – n.a group of plants or animals that share similar qualities

remarkably – adv.in a way that makes you feel surprised

ghostly – adj.like a ghost in appearance; unnatural

underpin – v.give support or strength to something

kick-start – v.to make something start to happen

innovation – n.a new idea or method of doing something


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