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【经济报道】公司试图阻止加利福尼亚法律覆盖独立工人 Companies Seek to Block California Law Covering Independent Workers

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Two companies that employ independent workers are taking legal action to block a California law that offers protections to such workers.


The ride-sharing company Uber joined delivery service Postmates in the lawsuit. The two companies argue that the new law violates federal and state constitutional guarantees of equal protection and fair justice.


The law is set to take effect in California on Wednesday.


Supporters have argued that the new rules protect the rights of workers who are independent contractors.


The law requires companies to provide some independent contractors with the same kinds of work protections and benefits that employees receive. In addition to Uber and Postmates, the lawsuit includes two independent workers fighting the law.


California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the law in September. It has brought greater attention to the rights of independent workers. The California law is seen as a possible model for future legislation in other states.

加利福尼亚州州长加文·纽瑟姆(Gavin Newsom)于9月签署了该法律。它引起了对独立工人权利的更多关注。加州法律被视为其他州未来立法的可能模式。

Companies like Uber, Lyft, Postmates and others depend on the state's estimated 450,000 contract workers to work as drivers to keep their businesses running. The workers are considered independent contractors; they choose which hours and days they want to work.


The lawsuit argues that the new law covers some industries – like ride-sharing and delivery – but not others that operate similarly. It also states that the rules violate workers' rights to choose how they earn a living.



The lawsuit also argues that the new law harms companies providing independent services "by denying their constitutional rights to be treated the same as others to whom they are similarly situated."


The lawsuit described a study that suggested the law would increase Lyft's operating costs by 20 percent and cut the number of drivers in California by about 300,000.


Democratic state lawmaker Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego helped write the bill. She said the law is meant to extend employee rights to more than a million independent workers who lack benefits. Those benefits include a minimum wage, paid time off and medical coverage.

圣地亚哥的民主州议员罗琳娜·冈萨雷斯(Lorena Gonzalez)帮助撰写了该法案。她说,该法律旨在将雇员权利扩大到超过一百万名缺乏福利的独立工人。这些福利包括最低工资,带薪休假和医疗保险。

Gonzalez noted that Uber had sought to receive exemptions to the law when legislators were working on the bill. Uber joined Lyft and DoorDash in promising to spend $30 million each in an effort to have the law overturned by voters during the 2020 election.


Gonzalez said in a statement: "The one clear thing we know about Uber is they will do anything to try to exempt themselves from state regulations that make us all safer and their driver employees self-sufficient."


She added: "In the meantime, Uber chief executives will continue to become billionaires while too many of their drivers are forced to sleep in their cars."



Words in This Story:

delivery – n. the taking of goods from one place to another

lawsuit – n. a legal action brought before a court

contractor – n. a person or company that supplies goods or does work for other people

benefit – n. assistance provided by employers to workers

minimum – adj. the least or smallest amount

exemption – n. the process of freeing from a responsibility to do something

regulation – n. an official rule that controls how something is done

self-sufficient – adj. able to do things independently and not needing help from others

executive – n. person with a high position in a company or the government


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