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【娱乐艺术】八岁的也门歌手的名声迅速传播 Fame Spreads Fast for Eight-Year-Old Yemeni Singer

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It is a dangerous time to be a child in Yemen. Besides facing war, hunger and poverty, more than 25 percent of children are not in school.

But eight-year-old singer Amr Muqbel, known as "The Water Seller," is different.


在也门小时候是危险的时刻。 除了面临战争、饥饿和贫困外,超过25%的儿童没有上学。

但是八岁的歌手Amr Muqbel被称为“ The Water Seller”,却有所不同。

He attends school in the morning. In the afternoons, he used to sell water to help support his family. Now, he makes extra money singing for weddings, fans and several major Arabic news channels.

"I'm proud he has become a singer," said Ahmed Muqbel, Amr's 70-year-old father, with tears in his eyes. One of their relatives is a soldier, he added, and Amr used to sing war songs.

Now, he sings about love and peace in a country where other children can be forced to join military groups.

他早上上学。 下午,他经常卖水来帮助养家。 现在,他为婚礼、歌迷和几个主要的阿拉伯新闻频道唱歌赚钱。

Amr的70岁父亲Ahmed Muqbel含着泪说:“我为他成为歌手而感到自豪。 他补充说,他们的亲戚中有一个是士兵,而Amr曾经唱过战争歌曲。


"Children out of school face increased risks of all forms of exploitation, including being forced to join the fighting, child labor, and early marriage," said Sara Nyanti, UNICEF's representative in Yemen, in a statement.

Teachers in the schools have not been paid in more than two years. As the war continues, danger for children outside of the school system deepens, workers for aid organizations say.



两年多来学校的老师都没有得到报酬。 援助组织的工作人员说,随着战争的继续,对学校系统以外的孩子的危险加深。

Growing fame

Amr first became well-known this year when a local hiker recorded him singing to a group of people. The hiker posted the recording on Facebook, where it received 20,000 likes, loves and sad faces.

Since then, the boy appears on Arab media regularly. He has appeared on BBC Arabic, Al Jazeera Arabic and RT Arabic.

Amr's family remains poor, however. He, his mother and his four siblings still struggle to survive in a small house. But as Amr gains the attention of music professionals, the family hopes his voice will help lift them further out of poverty.

今年,Amr首次广为人知,当时一位当地远足者记录了他向一群人唱歌。 这位徒步旅行者将该录音发布到了Facebook上,在那里收到了20,000个喜欢,爱和悲伤的面孔。

从那以后,这个男孩经常出现在阿拉伯媒体上。 他曾出现在BBC阿拉伯语,半岛电视台阿拉伯语和RT阿拉伯语中。

但是,Amr的家庭仍然贫穷。 他,他的母亲和他的四个兄弟姐妹仍然在一个小房子里挣扎求生。 但是,随着Amr引起音乐专业人士的关注,这个家庭希望他的声音能够帮助他们进一步摆脱贫困。

"I didn't even know Amr was singing for the drivers," said Amr's mother, Muneerah, near her Sanaa home. "He sells water so he can earn money to pay for his private school fees. I used to reprimand Amr for singing while he did his homework."

Sobhi Mohammed is a renowned Syrian Kurdish music writer from Lebanon. He has expressed interest in mentoring Amr, inviting him through an online video to visit Lebanon. Mohammed has mentored other young people with musical skills, like Nomer El Beik and Amir Amuri from Syria.


“我什至都不知道Amr在为司机唱歌。” Amr的母亲Muneerah在她位于萨那的家附近说。 “他卖水,所以他可以赚钱来支付自己的私立学校学费。在他做功课时,我经常谴责Amr唱歌。”

Sobhi Mohammed是来自黎巴嫩的著名叙利亚库尔德音乐作家。 他表示有兴趣指导Amr,并通过在线视频邀请他访问黎巴嫩。 穆罕默德(Mohammed)用音乐技巧指导了其他年轻人,例如叙利亚的Nomer El Beik和Amir Amuri。

"I was like Amr while still a little boy," Mohammed said in an online report. "I promised myself that I would assist every talented child who had no one."

Amr has not gone to Lebanon because of passport delays and competing ideas about his future. His father wants to go to Lebanon so Amr can try to get into the professional music business. His mother wants Amr to continue to be mentored locally, so he can sing more often at weddings to increase the family's income.

"I believe Amr will become a star," added Mohammed. "He has the voice and charisma."

穆罕默德(Mohammed)在一份在线报告中说:“我还是个小男孩的时候就喜欢Amr。” “我向自己保证,我将为每一个没有人的有才华的孩子提供帮助。”

由于护照延误和关于他的未来的想法相互矛盾,Amr并未前往黎巴嫩。 他的父亲想去黎巴嫩,所以Amr可以尝试进入专业音乐行业。 他的母亲希望Amr继续在当地接受指导,因此他可以在婚礼上多唱歌,以增加家庭收入。

穆罕默德补充说:“我相信Amr将会成为明星。” “他有声音和魅力。”

Yemenis hesitancy

Publicly, Amr has accepted Mohammed's invitation in an online video. Some of his local fans do not want him to leave.

"His songs come out from his heart," said Mohammed al-Adaimi, a 23-year-old who listens to Amr's songs on YouTube. "He should stay and sing for us and we will support him."

在公开场合,Amr在在线视频中接受了穆罕默德的邀请。 他的一些当地球迷不希望他离开。

23岁的Mohammed al-Adaimi说:“他的歌是发自内心的。”他在YouTube上听过Amr的歌。 “他应该留下来为我们唱歌,我们将支持他。”

Like other fans, al-Adaimi is concerned Amr's musical style might change if he trains in Lebanon. He might learn a more common Lebanese style of Arab music.

Other local people said they are proud that a young Yemeni is getting international attention. "He is a talented boy," said Mabrouk al-Baqash, who has been listening to Amr sing for eight months. "It's fine to travel to Lebanon."

在公开场合,Amr在在线视频中接受了穆罕默德的邀请。 他的一些当地球迷不希望他离开。

23岁的Mohammed al-Adaimi说:“他的歌是发自内心的。”他在YouTube上听过Amr的歌。 “他应该留下来为我们唱歌,我们将支持他。”


Words in This Story:

exploitation n.the act of to use (someone or something) in a way that helps you unfairly

hiker n. someone who walks a long distance especially for pleasure and/or exercise

reprimand v. to speak in an angry and critical way to (someone who has done something wrong, disobeyed an order, etc.)

mentor v. to teach or give advice or guidance to (someone, such as a less experienced person or a child) : to act as a mentor for (someone)

talented adj. having a special ability to do something well : having talent

charisma n. a special charm or appeal that causes people to feel attracted and excited by someone (such as a politician)

style n. a particular way in which something is done, created, or performed


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