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【娱乐艺术】年度词汇:“他们”,“现有”,“气候紧急情况” Words of the Year: ‘They,’ ‘Existential,’ ‘Climate Emergency’

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This common pronoun is what Merriam-Webster chose for the word of 2019. For hundreds of years, "they" generally has meant more than one person. But increasingly, "they" is being used instead of "he" or "she" to describe a non-binary person – one who does not identify as male or female.




The dictionary company says it chose "they" because of a 313 percent increase this year in people looking it up on their site.

"I have to say it's surprising to me," said Peter Sokolowski, a lexicographer and Merriam-Webster's editor-at-large. "It's a word we all know and love. So many people were talking about this word."


“我不得不说这对我来说是令人惊讶的,”词典编纂家和Merriam-Webster的一般编辑Peter Sokolowski说。 “这是我们大家都知道和喜欢的词。很多人在谈论这个词。”


Sokolowski and his team watch for spikes—or sharp increases—in word searches. Searches for "they" increased last January with the rise of model Oslo Grace. Grace, who uses the pronoun "they," walks in both men's and women's fashion shows around the world.

Nick Adams is with theLGBTQ group GLAAD. He said Merriam-Webster's choice is a positive step in recognizing non-binary people.

Sokolowski和他的团队注意单词搜索中的峰值或急剧增加。去年1月,随着模特Oslo Grace的出现,对“他们”的搜索量增加了。格雷斯使用代词“他们”,并在世界各地的男性和女性时装表演中走动。

尼克·亚当斯(Nick Adams)在LGBTQ集团GLAAD任职。他说,韦伯斯特的选择是承认非二进制人的积极一步。

Editor Peter Sokolowski told The Associated Press that "they," one of a few non-binary pronouns to emerge in recent years, is "here to stay."

Four years ago, Members of the American Dialect Society also voted for "they" as the word of the year.

彼得·索科洛夫斯基(Peter Sokolowski)编辑告诉美联社,“它们”是“在这里留下来的”,这是近年来出现的少数非二元代词之一。




Another language organization, Dictionary.com, chose "existential" as the 2019 winner.

The adjective means connected to existence.



Here is an example:

"Is climate change an existential threat to humans?" In other words, does climate change threaten humans' existence on Earth?

The choice shows how threats and crises -- real and thought about -- affected the world in 2019. John Kelly is senior research editor for the site. He says, "In our data, it speaks to this sense of grapplingwith our survival."



该选择显示了威胁和危机(真实的和深思熟虑的)如何影响2019年的世界。John Kelly是该网站的高级研究编辑。他说:“在我们的数据中,这说明了我们对生存的挣扎。”

The word showed up in searches at Dictionary.com after wildfires, Hurricane Dorian and mass shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand and El Paso, Texas. It also showed up in presidential politics and popular culture. It was even linked to "Forky" the white plasticspork and new star of the movie "Toy Story 4."

在野火,多里安飓风和新西兰克赖斯特彻奇和得克萨斯州埃尔帕索的大规模枪击事件后,在Dictionary.com的搜索中出现了这个词。它也出现在总统政治和大众文化中。它甚至与白色塑料猪肉“ Forky”和电影“ Toy Story 4”的新星联系在一起。

Editor John Kelly explained that Forky asked "existential questions" – those that make us wonder about who we are and why we are alive. In the film, the dirty spork feels sure he will end up as waste. But then he accepts his purpose as a treasured toy of a young girl named Bonnie.

编辑约翰·凯利(John Kelly)解释说,福吉(Forky)提出了“存在的问题”,这些问题使我们对自己是谁以及为什么活着感到疑惑。在这部电影中,肮脏的小伙子觉得自己一定会成为废物。但是后来他接受了自己的目的,作为一个名叫邦妮的年轻女孩的珍贵玩具。

Climate emergency

Oxford Dictionaries picked "climate emergency" as its 2019 word. It noted that how often people use a word reflects the feelings or concerns of the passing year, the company said in a statement.

Other top words for 2019 included "quid pro quo," "snitty," and "exculpate." They are ways to say "an exchange," "disagreeable," and "withdraw a charge of guilt."

牛津词典选择“气候紧急情况”作为其2019年的措辞。 该公司在一份声明中说,它注意到人们使用一个单词的频率反映了过去一年的感受或担忧。

2019年的其他热门词汇包括“ quid pro quo”,“ snitty”和“ exculpate”。 他们是说“交换”,“不愉快”和“撤销有罪指控”的方式。


Words in This Story:

lexicographer – n.a person who compiles dictionaries

model – n.a person who is paid to wear clothing, jewelry, etc., in photographs, fashion shows, etc., so that people will see and want to buy what is being worn

LGBTQ – acronym.that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgnder , queer

grapple – v.to try to solve a problem or deal with a problem

spork – n.a utensil for eating that is a combination of a fork and a spoon


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