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【雅思写作】雅思写作十大话题 雅思写作常考话题有哪些

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1.相关词汇: Fierce competition heavy pressure job-hopping is looked upon to move upward quickly, keep skill fresh and up to date acclimatize themselves to the rapidly changing society

2.原因: (1)社会压力大,人们的竞争意识增强,不断改变以适应社会的变化





(1)要理性看待,一般来说,stability equals success

(2)chronic job-hopper将被questioned integrity and loyalty ,not reliable

(3)政府和mass media应该鼓励人们扎根一个地方,扎扎实实干事业,并且尽可能提高welfare,改善城市和community的环境,留住人才




1. 认为应该提供实际知识的:

(1)大学生毕业就要找工作,因此要培养学生掌握future job的技能


2. 反对方

(1) It will definitely be shortsighted to…目光短浅理论知识非常重要,理论指导实践,大学的职责不仅是教会学生一门技术,更重要的是教授一种方法

(2) 不学理论只学实际知识,会使学生变成utilitarian, narrow-minded, lack of imagination,如果学生要学的只是生存的技能,那就去vocational school

3. 总之,我认为大学的功能是versatile的,促进学生all-around development,培养学生具有creative mind in some special field,而不只是教授该域的实际知识,可以通过一些part-time job来获得。



This is just an excuse for the ignorance of environmental protection.

1. 分析环境恶化原因是缺乏环计划意识

2. 给出解决办法


1.政府应该spend a lot of money to enrich the collection of museums to cater for different tastes or needs of different people.有的人认为是浪费钱,我认为是很有必要的。


(1)illuminate the culture, history and arts of the world. 比如,世界上大的British Museum provide visitors with all-round knowledge about the world culture and arts , collections in it trace the development of civilization throughout the history of mankind. Definitely a heartquake!

(2)shoulder the responsibility to preserve and carry forward a country’s traditional culture.

(2)serve as a significant mean of adolescent education, benefit both the present and future generation. 教育学生什么是美,purify their heart,也可以作为二课堂,提供教学参考






1. 先承认电脑教学的好处

(1)study in any convenient time and location at a personal speed and intensity


2. 不可替换,因为其缺点1:little social contact, lack of interactivity, 在学习中遇到困难得不到老师的指导

3. 不可替换2:学生不成熟,控制不了自己

电脑的好处:CAI(Computer Aided Introduction) multimedia technology,可以用于自动化考系统online test system



1. Used as a chief means of deciding whether a student succeeds or fail in a subject

2. 不能evaluate one’s true ability.只是测memory or the skill of working rapidly under pressure.does not mean possessing creativity in dealing various problems

3. Encourage bad study habits, emphasis on memorizing 考试内容 rather than to think。考前非常用功,但是考后forget all the information

4. lower the standards of teaching, deprive teachers of freedom. Teacher are judge by the examination results of students, 老师只顾教了考试技巧。

5. 考是可以作为评判学生的一个依据,但是不能是唯一evaluation.



1. On the positive side,

(1) make life faster, easier and safer (2) the world is becoming smaller and closer, trains cars plains make possible to travel to distant places (3)modern communication tools,使人们更好的交流,与任何地方的人交流,特别使促进了business的发展(4)longer life expectancy由于progress of medical science (5)电影电视made life enjoyable and colorful (6)计算机和Internet get information easier, make friends, business, tele-education

2. On the negative side, (1)机器的使用造成unemployment(2)电话和互联网的使用alienate people from their friends 因为lack adequate face-to-face communication. (3)Children 缺乏essential interpersonal skills.Those who indulge in … often feel isolated and being cut off from the outside world, they tend to be more introverted, self-centered and with drawn.


1. 从经济方面,contribute much to government revenue,如果baned ,则会导致unemployment

2. 从权利方面,Smoking just a hobby and amusement, 人们有权选择自己的 lifestyle

3. 从健康方面,必须承认抽闲是detrimental to health,但是the harm is exaggerated.如果控制每天的吸烟量,不会对健康造成devastating problem. 而且还有relieve stress 和 calm down.历史上有一些伟人吸烟,毛泽东,邓小平,他们仍然enjoy long life expectancy.


1.take care by children 和in nursing homes 各有优缺点


3. 在nursing home的话,可以有更多机会与their peers相处,common language and interest,而且现在的条件越来越好,得到专业的照顾及医疗服务,还有proper diet 对他们的健康有利。而且让小孩有充分的时间工作,追求自己的事业。但是缺少与人的交流,会使他们感到lonely,出现一些psychological problem而且如果将所有老人都放到rest home,将给政府增加财政负担。

4. As neither the two solutions is effective enough to solve the problem of …, I favor the combination of the two.


1.criminals 应该be locked up in prison(jails).

2. can ensure a safe and comfortable living environment for law-abiding citizens. Thieves ,robbers, rapists and murders are dangerous, pose potential threat to the society.

3. 放到监狱教育是一个很好的方式,让他们知道侵犯其他人的权利是要付出代价的,这样就会减少他们再次犯罪的可能性。

4.不但是punish criminals but also deters the potential criminals. 有些有犯罪倾向的人由于害怕被处罚,可能会放弃commit crime.

5.应该放到监狱。Just as the old saying goes, mercy to the criminal may be cruelty to the people.



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